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Finding Family

A Harry Potter fanfiction

Chapter 1 of 16

Birthday Surprises

All the kids' school things were safely packed in their trunks and piled next to the cages of Hedwig, Pig and Crookshanks on the Weasley's garden. Molly, Arthur and Bill were gathering whatever else they would need inside, and Sirius, Tonks and Remus were preparing the kids and their stuff to travel by portkey to headquarters. A month had passed since the return of Lord Voldemort and things did not look good. Fudge was still denying the fact and had proceeded to try and discredit Dumbledore and Harry. Voldemort was keeping a low profile but Dumbledore wasn't fooled, he new the Dark Lord wouldn't waste an opportunity to get rid of Harry. Sirius, Remus and Tonks were given the mission to go fetch Harry and Hermione and regroup at the Burrow, where they would help everyone back to headquarters. They were almost finished with the portkey when Harry let out a yelp of pain and fell to his knees grabbing his forehead, Sirius immediately fell to his side concerned.

"What's the problem Harry?"

"He's coming," came Harry's broken voice.

Several pops were heard. Surrounding them were half a dozen death Eaters and Voldemort himself.

"How predictable of Dumbledore, bringing Harry to his friends, too bad this is the last time," Voldemort's cruel, sneering voice echoed through the garden.

Sirius was back at his feet without having time to notice that his friends and the kids had already drawn their wands.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that, this wouldn't be the first time you tried to kill him and failed," he taunted.

"Oh, but I have no intention of killing him. I've found a much more efficient way of getting rid of Potter, but I'm not above killing you and your little friends." and he started raising his wand when a shield formed around them, like a dome separating the Weasleys, Hermione, Sirius, Remus, Tonks and Harry from the others. Sirius didn't understand what was going on until he heard Remus gasp behind him. He turned and saw his friend's shocked face. Following his gaze he saw Harry still kneeling with his hand in front of him glowing faintly. Understanding dawning, he turned abruptly at the sound of Voldemort's sneer.

"Very draining isn't it? How long do you think you'll be able to keep that shield Potter?"

Harry didn't respond, he was concentrating every last bit of his energy in keeping his family safe. Ginny, understanding that Harry needed strength, knelt beside him and hugged him for encouragement. Meanwhile, in the inside of the house the elder Weasleys, realizing that they were under attack, called for help before storming outside. Not long after, soft pops started sounding and suddenly the death eaters were being attacked by order members.

"Well Potter, it seems like our party has been crashed, you give me no choice, I'll just have to get rid of all of you, Happy birthday Harry." and Voldemort raised his wand and uttered "Proferre Tempus".

A green light involved the shield and all the noise of the battle was drowned, the last thing Sirius saw, from the corner of his eyes, was Dumbledore apparating holding a strange object.

They were floating somewhere; he couldn't feel the ground under him. Suddenly images started revolving through his mind; Harry hurt in Dumbledore's office, him and Remus preparing to kill Wormtail. Harry flying, Padfoot swimming to shore, his cell in Azkaban, James lying dead in his arms, baby Harry holding his arms out to him, each memory coming faster until they became a blur. Suddenly he felt ground again and they were in the exact same spot but Voldemort was gone, the Death Eaters were gone, the battle was gone and everything was pitch black. He looked up at the burrow but all the lights were out.

"What happened?" came George's voice.

"Did you see stuff?" Ron asked

"Was just like with the time turner, do you think that's what happened? But then we can't be seen" Hermione stated matter of factly. Sirius was numb and just stared at her until Remus voice pulled him out of his musings.


He was falling to his knees near the boy and holding him just before he hit the floor, Sirius was instantly by their side, and putting his hand on Harry's cheek his heart sank at the coldness of the sweat coming.

"Harry, listen to me, stay with us," he pleaded.

But the boy was losing the fight and closed his eyes. Ginny, sobbed right beside him. She had been hugging him throughout the whole ordeal and released him just before Remus had knelt beside them and was now hugging Tonks. The others were also kneeling around them.

"What's wrong with him Moony?" Sirius couldn't keep the worry out of his voice.

"I don't know, we need to take him to Poppy, but how can we know where she is?" Lupin said desperately, realizing that with all he had already gone through in his life he never felt this afraid.

They heard rustling and Hermione and Ron were on their feet before the others could react. Fred and George were just behind them. Tonks released Ginny that took Sirius place besides Harry while Sirius also positioned himself for a fight. They were standing side-by-side shielding Harry, Remus and Ginny from view. Four figures were approaching coming out of the burrow, they were getting near and Sirius recognized them at once, he took a sharp intake of breath, coming straight towards them were Moony, Prongs, Padfoot….and Wormtail.

Hatred flowed through him and before he could think or the others react he lunged himself on Wormtail and started punching him, he was hit by three stunners before the second punch hit Wormtail.

James Potter shouted to the others. "Surrender your wands or we will kill him."

The kids hesitated but Remus soft voice came from behind. "Do as he says, James doesn't bluff when his friends are involved." and he handed his and Harry's wand to Hermione and stood up holding Harry firmly in his arms. Tonks gathered the others wands and handed them to young Sirius.

"We thought you were going to attack us, there's no need to take prisoners," she stated calmly.

"We'll decide that." he answered motioning for her to go towards the burrow. Young Remus pointed his wand at them while they walked towards the door, the older Remus being careful to keep his and Harry's face out of the Marauders view. James hunched down and scooped Sirius easily throwing him over his shoulder. Young Sirius and Wormtail levitated all the trunks and cages behind them.

"Kind of strange" Sirius said, "to attack the Burrow with a bunch of kids and trunks".


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