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PadyandMoony's fanfiction work

Welcome to the PadyandMoony fanfiction website!

Hello dear readers,

If you are here, you’ve probably read my work on, Potions and Snitches or Archive of our Own .

In here you will find my completed published stories for free, nonprofit online reading or free, nonprofit download in several formats.

To find the stories you can click on the fandom you wish and see the list for all stories on that fandom. Series can also be found under the Series link.

By using this website you are stating you are over 18 and understand that all content in this website is rated as Mature for a reason. There are mentions of violence, sex and child abuse in some of the stories. If you continue on reading these stories you are stating that you have been warned of such fact and are responsible for your own choices.

Have fun!



This is a work of fanfiction and is not intended for profit or any form of copyright infringement.PadyandMoony does not own Harry Potter, White Collar, Charmed, The Big Bang Theory, Castle or any other fandom mentioned in this website. This website is intended for pure nonprofit leisure and entertainment and to honor the fandoms and characters herein. No money is being made from the fanfiction work in this website.

PadyandMoony is not liable for any damages caused by downloading files from this website.